Kakinoki Shogi (Japanese Chess) Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

"Kakinoki Shogi for iPhone" Review

Reviewing how to play "Kakinoki Shogi for iPhone". "Kakinoki Shogi" is one of the most famous Shogi video games in Japan. See also ...

iPhone games - Shogi Z (Japanese Chess)

iphoneappstar : http://www.iphoneappstar.com Download this app: ...

Shogi News: Shogi Apps for iPad

I'll present: 1. Free Shogi Board 2. Kanazawa Shogi Level 100 3. Let's Catch the Lion.

Boardz - Online Shogi, XiangQi, Go & Chess for iPhone

Boardz is in a turn-based application, you can play Chess, XiangQi, Go and Shogi against friends or random opponents.

Shogi for Chess Players #1: Introducing the Equipment

The first in a four-part series of videos that introduce Shogi, the Japanese form of Chess, to Chess players. This first video introduces some Shogi equipment that ...

Shogi News: Shogi Kifu for iPhone

A very good shogi App for iPhone. But many comments say that it's not downloadable outside Japan. Sorry about that.

Kakinoki vs Shotest: Part 1

Other than Shotest Shogi on Xbox 360, I play Kakinoki Shogi on my Iphone during work. However, during all of this time, I always wondered why I get ...

Shogi News: Let's Catch the Lion (Dobutsu Shogi) for iPhone

Dobutsu Shogi (Let's Catch the Lion) has appeared on iPhone and iPad!

Shogi News: JSA Mobile Shogi Boardlive for iPhone

A great iPhone to watch everyday games on live. Only 350 yen for monthly access to all the recent game and daily tsume. It's a pity that it doesn't allow kifu save.

iPhone app FIND 10

http://applie.net/app/427932413/ iPhoneアプリ「FIND 10」の動画です。

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