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Kakinoki Shogi (Japanese Chess) app for iPhone and iPad

4.0 ( 2000 ratings )
Games Board Strategy
Developer: Yoshikazu Kakinoki
4.99 USD
Current version: 2.60, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 18 Jan 2009
App size: 17.58 Mb

Shogi is a Japanese version of chess.
A player can use (drop) captured pieces.
This rule makes this game complicated and profound.
There are 10 million players and a few hundred professional players in Japan.

- Human vs. computer, human vs. human, computer vs. computer.
- 7 levels of computer play.
- Handicap games.
- Choose Western or Japanese pieces.
- Show the legal moves of the selected piece.
- Hint
- Show score option
- Game log.
- Undo of moves.
- Save/Load game file.
- Send game record by mail.
- Show history of moves.
- Help about Shogi rules.

Pros and cons of Kakinoki Shogi (Japanese Chess) app for iPhone and iPad

Kakinoki Shogi (Japanese Chess) app good for

iPhoneでは、一番強いアプリだと思います。ヒント機能を使い倒したいので、クリップボード機能、URLスキーム、OpenIn機能、kifu for iPhoneとの連携機能、などを熱望します。
Excellent job. Finally a shogi for the iPhone done well that is 9x9. Easy to use. Multi difficulty settings. Auto save on exit. Easy undo. English and Japanese pieces. Cant comment on how strong the AI because I am not that great myself, but at middle difficulty I havent beaten it yet. Good job :)
If you fixed it to where it shows the title number/letter (ex. 8c) that would be great. Also smoothing out graphic details along with the double-tap zoom which is unecessary and quite annoying. Also something to tell you you are in check or checkmate would also be great. Asides from all that though this is a great game and can only hope future updates further improve the gameplay.
Very good application, nice interface. The possibility to set up/edit a position to study problems would take it to 5 stars. It would also be nice if it would detect checkmate and end the game, but this is a minor issue.
Im using it to teach myself shoji but I wish there were more tutorials on basic strategy. Still a great implementation, worth the money and highly recommended!
Overall, a well thought out game. The controls are simple and get the job done. The only thing this seems to be lacking is a more refined graphical presentation. Shine up the graphics and I think this will be a five-star game.

Some bad moments

The basic premise of the game is there (Shogi AI is very good), but the overall feel of the game needs polish. Using an iPhone 4S and the graphics seems very jagged and very hard to hard at times.
TOO F-ING HARD!!! I can barely last 3 moves on this game! Add easier levels!